The world keeps on evolving, so it brings some major changes. Like, nowadays, to let people know about your existence, the powerful tool that the big established companies are using is Social Media. One can easily find the instagram handle of the famous brands. Here, in this article we are going to discuss about one of the brand profile instagram link: itms-appss:// 

    Overview On itms-appss://

    The Instagram Link: itms-appss:// is the profile URL of Apple. Well, Apple is known as the Best Technological company to exist till date. This link directly takes the users to the Instagram Handle of Apple. Moreover, the insta handle of such a big company is 32.7 Million with a total of 1,187 posts. They do follow 8 instagram handles, where 6 are other apple official handles. When talking about the Instagram Bio of the company, they have mentioned two different links. One is the official Apple Website link and the second one is the support link. 

    The posts shared here are mainly for informational and educational purposes only. It shares videos of various tips and tricks or of any hidden feature of their system. Well, they share important announcements with a huge number of audiences and connect with them easily through the social media page. 

    Grow The Instagram Presence 

    Now, let’s see how one can enhance their Instagram handle. Well, the tips and tricks one can follow to grow the Instagram presence is:

    • Use of Hashtags: Instagram is a field, where by passing time trends keep on changing. Well, the best way to following any trend is by using the #hashtags. These hashtags are what enhance the visibility of the instagram profile. The right trending hashtags at the right time on the right content. Following these three right steps one can easily upgrow their Instagram profile. 
    • Audience Engagement:  The basic or the most fascinating feature of the Instagram platform is the audience engagement opportunity it offers. So, one can share their pictures, videos or even their thoughts easily. Moreover, this audience engagement is what helps to grow the instagram visibility. 
    • Captivating Content: Now, knowing your audience can be very beneficial when it comes to Instagram. The user first needs to know their audience, their liking and all before posting any content. Well, the content shared should be trending, or according to the audience preference. Either go with a trend or create a trend, this is the basic formula to gain user or followers hike. 

    Why Visit itms-appss:// ? 

    To visit any online link or site one needs some reasons. So, mentioned below are few of the reasons users can imply to visit itms-appss://

    • User Friendly Interface: The Instagram handle of the Apple Inc. company is quite interesting and captivating. They shares updates and much more useful information on their page to gain a lot of limelight. Well, from recent releases to tips and tricks all of these are what can be easily found on the Apple instagram page. 
    • Profile Personalization: Nowadays, every other famous brand can be easily spotted on the social media site. The apple instagram page, however, is a great example when it comes to profile customization. The way they have aligned their page attracts a lot of users or audience. 
    • Inspiration and Ideas: The post shared on the Apple’s instagram handle works as a great inspiration. It shares original content that attracts a lot of users. Well, most of the content shared is all about photography hacks, or enlightenment tips and tricks. 

    The Usage Of Instagram Features

    The social media platform Instagram provides various benefits to its users. Well, these features acts as the attractive point of the platform. It also helps the users or account holder to upgrow their followers. Therefore, few of the features are as follows; 

    • Instagram Stories: You can share moments, announcements and even promote your business or product through Instagram Stories. Everything can be turned into more interesting features like polls, quizzes and counters.
    • Exploring IGTV and Reels: Long video content is published through IGTV. You can share in-depth tutorials, interviews and even mini-vlogs here. Like itms-appss:// . Growth short videos showcase creativity and storytelling skills in just 15-30 seconds.
    • Interesting insights: You can learn and get feedback about the content published using Instagram’s Analytics tools. This reach, engagement helps optimize content and refine strategy.


    In conclusion, itms-appss:// is the direct instagram link of the Apple account. One can click on the link to get directed towards the Instagram page without delay. Well, the features of Instagram, how one can improve their following and all the necessary points have been discussed above in the article. So, one can go through the article for further information and to recheck the shared details.